How to prepare for Installation for CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1

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Last Modified Date : 03/04/2018
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Here is a short overview of what you need to do leading up to the installation


Background: Web Viewer 12.1 is a Java application and the same product runs on all the different platforms. So you will not see many specific platform instructions in the install Guide.


Environment setup:

  1. Verify requirements with this compatibility matrix
    You will need to log onto to see this matrix.
  2. A 64 bit version of Java JRE (runtime) is required.  Type java -version on the command line to find out what type of Java you have.  You may also use the JDK instead of the JRE.
  3.  Disk and Memory Space Requirement

    §  At least at least 30 GB of storage and at least 8 GB of memory

    §  at least 150MB free space in your computer temp folder for the installation (/tmp on UNIX; user’s temp folder on Windows)

  4. Increase memory settings before launching the Java Web application server

    -Xms – the initial heap size when the Java application is starting

    -Xmx – the maximum heap size

    Tomcat example:

           Non-windows service:  In apache-tomcat/bin/catalina.bat: set "CATALINA_OPTS=-Xms1024m and Xmx4096m…“

           Windows service:  In apache-tomcat/binservice.bat: find ""--JvmMs 1024 --JvmMx 4096”

           Other OS: In apache-tomcat/bin/ "CATALINA_OPTS="-Xms1024m –Xmx4096m…" 

  5. LMP KEY 4Q must be applied on the LPAR where DRAS is running.  
  6. Download the .iso file to a PC: Extract the .jar file from the .iso file, using a product such as winzip, "Virtual CloneDrive" or "7-zip.
    If you are installing on Windows, you will need the CAOMWV.exe file found in the subdirectory \InstData\Windows_x64\NoVM
    Otherwise, FTP the CAOMWV.jar file from the \InstData\Multiplatform subdirectory to the platform where you will be installing.
  7. What application server will you be using - Websphere or Tomcat; If Tomcat, will you use the Tomcat that Web Viewer supplied(embedded)?
  8. Will you be using CCI or CCI SSL?  CCITCP or CCISSL task must be running.
  9. Are you using LDAP? 
  10. Set the CAOMWV12_HOME variable to the directory where you are installing if you are on Linux, USS or Unix ONLY and you are chosing System level external
  11. Have directories established, where the installation will be performed for USS and z/Linux.
  12. The Data Base Administrator must create the empty database.
    The tables of the database can be created manually or automatically, although we recommend manual creation.
    • If the userid for the database which will be specified in the configuration step has CREATE TABLE privileges, this database can be empty and CA OM Web Viewer automatically creates the necessary tables when it is initialized for the first time.  
    • If the userid for the database does not have the CREATE TABLE privileges, ask your database administrator (DBA) to create tables. The tables must be created according to the Data Description Language (DDL) statements that are provided with CA OM Web Viewer.  

    These DDL statements can be found under the ddl folder in your installation media or the installed directory. If DB2, please use RO71688 DB2 DDL DOES NOT WORK WITH EXPLICIT TABLESPACES to create the database tables. For each supported database type, a pair of SQL scripts is provided as follows:

    • create.sql - For creating tables in the precreated database
    • drop.sql - For deleting tables from the precreated database
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