How to pass parameter value between processes?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to share parameter value among processes?


The use case described in this document is most common scenario where we want to share parameter value among processes. The most common use case will be, where one process update a value of parameter and want another process to use this parameter value.

Release Automation: 6.2 and higher
  1. Create an array parameter of type string with scope Environment under your component for example "Default Component -> Test Param[string]"
  2. Then create a default value for to make sure that parameter is not empty and it doesn't complain when you run the release out of this process. Make sure that we are going to overwrite this parameter during execution.
  3. Create another array parameter of type string with scope internal and enter some values, for example "Default Component ->Internal Param[string]. As this is demo we are going to hard code this value in real scenarios this parameter value will be calculated/computed during process execution.
  4. Create a process say "Process-1" which is going to update the value parameter create in Step-1 using action “ROC – Update Array Environment Parameter in Deployment”, using value of parameter in Step-3.The action field will look something like below
    • Parameter Name: Default Component/Test Param
    • Parameter Value: <>Internal Param
    • Server Type Name: Server Type 1
  5. Now create a process "Process-2", which is going to iterate over environment parameter created in Step-1 and will display each value.
  6. Create a deployment plan with below configuration
    • Step-1: <mapped to> Process-1
    • Step-2: <mapped to> Process-2: <depends on> Process-1
  7. Run the deployment and you will see that value of Environment Parameter is correctly updated by process Process-1 and can now be accessed by Process-2.


  • We used array type parameter of type string, above process can be applied to other types.
  • It is required that both processes are using the same Server Type which is the basis for passing the parameter across.