How to pass new attribute to Service Desk ticket from Spectrum Alarms

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In Spectrum/Service Desk integration there are a few attributes which are passed from alarm to the ticket. Attributes include landscape name , Network Address , Model name , Date/time etc.

You might be interested to pass new attributes into the ticket along with the existing attributes. But the code doesn't allow you to do this either using direct integration or SANM integration.

In this solution, we use Event Procedures to pass a new attribute named "ifalias" to the Description field of Service Desk Ticket.


In this solution, you will use Event Procedures to pass the "Ifalias" attribute to the Service Desk ticket for a Bad link alarm

This solution talks about how to pass the "Ifalias" attribute to the event message and then populate the same in Service Desk ticket. As the Description field in the ticket already holds the event message , we are passing this new attribute to the event message in Spectrum to reflect the same in the ticket.

This is how we execute the solution

  1. Logon to Spectrum Oneclick. Access the Event configuration editor.

  2. Filter the event id for an interface alarm . Ex: Bad Link Alarm

  3. Make a note of the event message /severity and other configurations for this event. Configure the severity of this event to None.

  4. Create a new event with the same configuration as the old event (Event noted in step 3) andappend the below field to the event message

    Ifalias = {S 101} -------------> Any event variable number can be used as per your interest
    Configure the severity as per the default severity of the old event.

  5. Save the changes.

  6. Logon to Spectroserver -> custom/events directory. Open the Event Disp file and add the below code at the end of the file

    0x00010d11 P"\ --------------> 10d11 is the event code of Bad link alarm
    {H 0xfff00000},\ ------------------> New event code in this example. This varies according to your environment
    {U 101},\ ------------------------> Passing Iflias attribute as event variable 101 in the new event.
    ReadAttribute({C CURRENT_MODEL },\
    {H 0x11f7e})))" -------------------------> Attribute id of Ifalias

  7. Save the file.

  8. Logon to Oneclick alarms console -> Update the events on the VNM icon and also reload event files from OC ->Administration -> Update event / alarm files -> Click on Reload.

  9. Generate a bad link alarm on the port and see if the ifalias value is included in the event message of the new event. Have a look at the Description field of Service Desk ticket and observe that it includes the ifalias attribute along with its value.

This way any new model attribute can be passed to the Description field of Service Desk ticket.