How to pass Custom serial number attribute value to the default serial number attribute.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The serial number value can be located in a different OID in some vendor MIBs. In this scenario Spectrum will not pick up the value for the default serial number attribute. Follow the procedure below in order to resolve this issue.


  1. Locate which OID in the device MIB holds the serial number value from Mib Tools.

    Figure 1

  2. Map the OID obtained in step 1 to a custom attribute by going to Mib Tools -> Respective Mib -> Map tab in contents panel -> Filter for the OID which holds the value for serial number in the Attributes tab -> Click on "+" symbol to map the respective Oid to new attribute.

    Figure 2

  3. Once the mapping is done successfully, go to the respective model and filter for the serial number attribute.

    Figure 3

    Note: There will be two serial number attributes visible after filtering - one is the default serial number attribute and the other is the custom serial number attribute to which the OID is mapped.

  4. Locate the attribute id for the custom serial number attribute.

  5. Filter for the attribute DeviceSerialAttr on the same model.

    Figure 4

  6. Drag the DeviceSerialAttr towards the right panel

    Figure 5

  7. Double click on the DeviceSerialAttr and enter the attribute id of the custom serial number attribute into the value of DeviceSerialAttr attribute.

By doing this the value of the custom serial number attribute is passed on to the default serial number attribute.