How to overwrite a probe's configuration file using packages.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If you wish to update a specific probes .cfg at scale you can create an update-only package to overwrite parts of the previous configuration.



In this example; assume we're trying to mass update the cdm's probe logsize and log level.



Unified Infrastructure Manager: 8.x and above



1) Drag and drop the probe from the robot, back to the archive within Infrastructure Manager

2) On the dialog that pops up click "rename" and rename the package name - we'll use "_cdm_overwrite" Press ok once completed.

3) Select and Right Click the _cdm_overwrite package, click "Edit"

4) The package editing window should appear. Under the Files tab right click cdm.cfx and click "Edit File"

5) In this example, we only wish to overwrite the loglevel and logsize of the cdm configuration, so select all and delete the contents of the file.

<setup> overwrite
   loglevel = 5

   logsize = 20000

6) Click Ok once we are done editing the file

7) Click Ok on the package editor screen.

8) Once editing is resolved - drag and drop the _cdm_overwrite package to any robot with a cdm probe that you wish to overwrite, the package



The overwrite keyword next to setup instructs the template to replace anything between <setup> with what is set.

So, if loglevel was set to 0, it will be overwritten with 5.  If logsize  was in the file previously it will be inserted now.

The important thing to note is that it will not overwrite the <setup> section but the keys within it. So, if you have additional configuration within <setup> that is not specified in the configuration template it will not be changed.


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