How to override MCOSYS values when this option exists in the CA JCLCheck JCLDFLT

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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MCOSYS values can be overridden by coding the option MCOUSR in the EDCHKDD or SUBCHKDD or in the JCKOPTS options in batch.  The MCOUSR file will contain the values that need to be altered.  If all MCOSYS values are to be ignored, then use the NOMCO option.

When processing a message, the following order of precedence is described below in establishing the message severity.  In this case, MCOUSR will override the MCOSYS option.

  1. JCLMSG (out of the box or as modified by USERMOD MZ2n023)
  2. JCLCheck program that issues the message
  3. MCOSYS (if option specified)
  4. MCOUSR (if option specified)
  5. CAZ1REXX or REXX EXEC specified in the STDREXX option (if REXXMSG option is specified)
  6. CAZ1XERR (if option specified; out of the box retains all messages or as modified by USERMOD MZ1n030)


Note:    If MCOSYS option is added to the EDCHKDD or SUBCHKDD or batch JCLCheck option when it also exists in JCLDFLT, you will receive the error message:  


Please refer to the CA JCLCheck Command Reference Guide for a complete description of the Runtime Options.


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