How to open up LDAP User store connections for wider bandwidth

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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By default a SiteMinder policy server assigns 3 LDAP connections per user store defined in its configuration. When these connections are busy subsequent requests are queued to be handled by the LDAP thread once a connection becomes available. For the majority of SiteMinder installations this model is more than adequate, however if you load is particularly high it is necessary to tune the policy servers use of LDAP.


The Policy Server does a string comparison of the Host names that it has in the User Directory Definition. If the host names string match, the Policy Server will re-use the existing connection and not create a new one. This means that we need to create aliases for the User Directory host name so that we can trick the Policy Server into creating new connections.


This problem can be resolved by adding aliases to the OS host file and adding more threads to the pool for the particular user store using those aliases.

Edit host File to have more aliases to same IP of LDAP Server.

Windows Host File Example


  1. Open the properties of the user store.

  2. Click configure.

  3. Click Add Load Balancing.

  4. Add alias for Directory Server.

  5. Continue adding Load Balancing till you are out of aliases that you want to add.

Directory Configuration Example