How to obtain all maintenance since Base.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is there a a .BIN file of all R4.1 maintenance since base?


  • Check the Download Center at for PTFs that have been published after this release was created. A recently created base release has no published PTFs. When PTFs exist, add published solutions for your product to your Download Cart and click Checkout.
  • Specify that you want a complete package.
    When the processing completes, a link appears on the Review Download Requests page. You also receive an email notification.
  • Click the Alternate FTP link for your order to obtain the FTP login information and the ZIP file location. Download the ZIP file into a USS directory on your z/OS system.
  • Run the CAUNZIP utility.
    CAUNZIP unzips the package of published solutions and creates the SMPNTS file structure that the SMP/E RECEIVE FROMNTS command can process. For the sample JCL to run the utility that is located in yourHLQ.CAW0JCL(CAUNZIP), see the CA Common Services for z/OS CAUNZIP Administration information. After the execution completes, the ZIPRPT data set contains the summary report. The summary report provides the following information:
    • Summarizes the content of the product order ZIP file.
    • Details the content of each data set and the z/OS UNIX files produced.
    • Provides a sample job for receiving the PTFs in your order.
  • Review the sample job that is provided in the CAUNZIP output ZIPRPT file.
    To receive the PTFs in your order:
    1. Cut and paste the JCL into a data set.
    2. Specify your SMP/E CSI on the SMPCSI DD statement.
    3. Submit the job.
  • Submit the SAMPJCL member NM41HOLD.
    The job downloads the external HOLDDATA file.
  • Submit the SAMPJCL member NM47RECH.
    The job receives the external HOLDDATA file.
  • Submit the SAMPJCL member NM48APYP.
    The PTFs are applied.
  • (Optional) Submit the SAMPJCL member NM49ACCP.
    The PTFs are accepted.

Additional Information:

 You do not have to submit the job now. You can accept the PTFs according to your site policy. 

To use this utility, you must be running CA Common Services for z/OS Version 14.0 with PTF RO54887 or CA Common Services for z/OS Release 14.1 with PTF RO54635.