How to navigate quickly between panels in RC/Query when I am displaying a table list?.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am trying to navigate quickly between panels in RC/Query. When I am displaying a table list (DB2 Object T, Option L), how can I display the tablespace or database associated with the table?


Upward and downward navigation is available within the DB2 hierarchy. The trick to navigating RC/Query are the line commands. To go DOWN the hierarchy the commands are one or two characters. This is because the line commands are modifying the original T/L command. So when you enter a C (column) next to a table name on the CMD line, you are changing the original command from T/L to T/C and it uses the table name from the line on which the command was issued to display the list of columns.

When you want to navigate UP the hierarchy, you need to enter a complete command; the DB2 object plus the Option. For example, to display the tablespace details, you would enter TS, a space, and then the option D next to the table on the CMD line. RC/Query then completes the process by using the tablespace name associated with the table on the CMD line entry. Entering a ? on the CMD line will display the options that are available for upward and downward navigation.

Reference the RC/Query User Guide, Chapter 4, 'Report Line Commands' for additional information.