How to move hubs/robots to a new CA UIM (Nimsoft) domain

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to move hubs/robots to a new CA UIM (Nimsoft) domain



The Nimsoft security mechanism will allow you to MOVE a robot to a different domain, but not 'pull' a robot from another domain. Therefore, you must be logged in to the old domain to be able to MOVE robots FROM the old domain to the new domain.

If you are trying to move the Robot from one Nimsoft domain to another you have to first login to the hub in domain 'A' when you want to move a robot to domain 'B'

Via the Infrastructure Manager:

1. Log into the hub (via Rt-Click->Login...) where you want to Move the robot FROM.

2. Select View -> Show All Domains.

3. Right-click the Robot and select Move to move it to the NEW domain.

If you still don't see the Hub you're moving it to, Press F5 to refresh the view and wait about 30 secs and see if the new domain is now listed.


If the hubs are in a different network, you may have to set up a Static route between hubs via the hub probe GUI.

Additional Notes:
Note that you cannot move hubs using the Infrastructure Manager (IM) - only robots.  To move a hub to a new domain you have to edit the hub.cfg and cold-start it.  Also you can only 'push' robots to a new domain, not pull them - so you have to be logged into the "from" domain when you push a robot.

Note also that if you have a Secure UIM Tunnel between hubs, setting up Static hubs does NOT apply.