How to move CA Search Server Data folder from default location to another location with enough space

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Last Modified Date : 31/10/2018
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The default CA Search Server Installation folder is:  C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CASearchServer and it's data folder (where the index data is stored by CA Search Server) is C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CASearchServer\elasticsearch-2.1.1\data   

This folder could be of considerable size depending how much data is being indexed/kept.


1) Stop CA Search Server service

2) Make a backup of C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CASearchServer\elasticsearch-2.1.1\config\elasticsearch.yml  file

3) Let's assume E:\SearchServerData   is the folder where the data should be moved to

4) Move C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CASearchServer\elasticsearch-2.1.1\data   folder  to E:\SearchServerData  

Note: Now E:\SearchServerData\data  exists with all the contents that were in the original  C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CASearchServer\elasticsearch-2.1.1\data  

5) Edit the file C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CASearchServer\elasticsearch-2.1.1\config\elasticsearch.yml

6) uncomment or create an entry like this with value: E:\SearchServerData\data


NOTE:  there should NOT be any preceding space characters before the word path.

7) Save the file

8) Start CA Search Server service


If the service is not starting, make sure Step#6 is done properly by monitoring searchserver-stdout.xxxxxxxx.log file in C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CASearchServer\elasticsearch-2.1.1\logs  folder