how to move a SpectroSERVER from one DSS to another?

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Last Modified Date : 02/07/2018
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We need to bring one SpectroSERVER (SS) from one Distributed Spectrum System (DSS) into another distributed environment.  
Our Main Location Server (MLS) is running as the user administrator but the new server has a different install user.  
So, how do we change the install user on the customer server to match that used in the DSS and import the new server into the DSS?

What is the best way to move a SpectroSERVER from one Distributed Spectrum System to another?
CA would recommend to:

build a new server that is compatible with the Distributed Spectrum System, i.e. create the OS username used by the DSS, if it does not exist and make it an administrator. 
Install Spectrum to the same version, using a landscape handle that has not been used in the DSS already.
Ensure the same model mask is used i.e. legacy landscape handles or huge landscape support.
Please be aware that the catalogues will need to be the same, so any customizations that do not exist on the DSS will be lost, when we replace the catalogue.
Use the modelling gateway to export and import the models from the old SpectroSERVER to the new.  
Shut down the old SpectroSERVER and start the new. 

CA does not recommend the following but is useful to bear in mind
If we use the same hardware and just move the SS from one DSS to another, there are many things that can go wrong, so we recommend the above steps.
e.g.  The catalogs need to be the same.  If neither is customized, for example, they can be used together.
A common user must be created with Administration privileges. 
The landscape handles have to be different on all SS in the DSS.
Each landscape must share the same model mask,  i.e. legacy landscape or huge landscape support?
This can be verified from the landscape map of the DSS and the new SS, from
/Spectrum/SS-Tools >> MapUpdate -view 

Landscape Service Type Name    Hostname      Port   Precedence     Notes
---------- ------------------ -------------- ------ ---------- ------------------
0x1000000 Events              ryash01-a15463 0xbafe 10             16M model mask 
0x1000000 Landscape Default   ryash01-a15463 0xbeef 10             16M model mask
0x1000000 Landscape           ryash01-a15463 0xbeef 10             16M model mask

If the landscapes are not compatible, to get around the above, we would need to use the modelling gateway to export and import the models to rename them to match a new landscape name of your choosing.

To change the install owner.
change it in the .vnmrc as > initial_user_model_name=xxxxxx

Go to Start->Run and type: cmd
Navigate to the lib\SDPM directory in the directory. ie. cd > C:\win32app\spectrum\lib\SDPM 
Run the following command:
processd --install --username username --password thenewpassword
processd --install --username Administrator --password password123
Additional Information:
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