How to move a robot installation on Windows

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In some instances you may want to move or migrate the robot installation from one directory to another. A common use case is to migrate the nimsoft robot to a different disk with more space.


Step 1: Deactivate the robot you wish to migrate. Make sure it is fully shut down before continuing

Step 2: Deep copy the Nimsoft folder from it's current location to the other drive.

Step 3: Update the service's binary executable.
Do to so - open up command prompt.
Using the following syntax, let the service now the correct path.
sc config NimbusWatcherService binPath= "New Binary Path"

You should see the results say [SC] ChangeServiceConfig SUCCESS.

If so, reopen the "Services" panel and start the Nimbus Watcher Service. If you open the details pane you should see the new Path to the Executable.

Backout Procedure:
If it fails to start for whatever reason, you can change the executable path back to the default which is normally in Program Files (x86) using the following
sc config NimbusWatcherService binPath= "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\bin\nimbus.exe"

Additional Information:
  • In the following sc config NimbusWatcherService binPath= "New Binary Path"
  • There is a space between binPath = and "new Binary Path". This is intentional. It will not work without it.
  • Notice that the path is also in quotes. It must be in quotes if there are spaces in the path (IE, like in program files)
  • Furthermore; The binary path should point to the Nimsoft/binary/nimbus.exe service.
  • More Information on sc config