How to Monitor Server Hung State

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Last Modified Date : 17/10/2018
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A server in a "Hung State" is too vague a description.
In order to monitor something you have to be able to define
what exactly the "Hung State" includes and how it can be detected.
We have implemented netconnect probe to monitor Server availabilty but Server hung state cannot be caught using this because though server is Hung, ping is working without any issues
UIM 9.0 and earlier
the term "Hung State" is unfortunately too vague a statement to provide any help on.
this could mean many different things all with different possible solutions:

Examples such as:
  • -a single application is not responding
  • -you can not log in remotely with RDP but all other functions are working.
  • -All web services are down but print services are working.

In your case, it sounds like an application is in a bad state but the OS is still functioning and responding to ping requests.

There is no single probe that can handle all of these conditions and send an alarm for them.

You will need to define what constitutes a hung state and then see what can be done to monitor for that condition.

If it is an application not responding, possibly monitor it with the e2e_appmon probe.

If the application should be adding data to a database possibly create a SQL checkpoint to check for records added an alarm if there are not new ones.

If the application writes to a log file set up a remote dirscan to monitor the log files for activity.

Once you clearly define what a hung state is in your case and how you can check for this problem then a possible solution may be able to be found.