How to monitor jobs with bad status values in History.

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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How to monitor jobs with bad status values in History.


We would like to make sure that there are no jobs in the Backlog with Bad Status values. This can cause performance issues over-time and also cause some Master/RmiServer problems.


- Create a character subvar called COUNT_BAD_JOBS with the following SQL:

select to_char(count(*)) from so_job_history where so_status_name in ('INITIATED','RUNNING','STAGED','STAGED_PW','QUEUE WAIT','PRED WT HOLD','PRED WAIT','LAUNCH ERROR','KILLING','DATE PENDING','CONDITN WAIT','AGENT WAIT')

- Create a Notification called COUNT_BAD_JOBS with the following settings:

Frequency - First Time
Status Trigger - Condition
Custom Text - You have {#count_bad_jobs} bad job(s) in the so_job_history table.
Subject - Fix jobs with bad statuses in History
Email Recipients - Your email address

- Create a copy of TEST_JOB and call it COUNT_BAD_JOBS. Set the job to run on the Master's Agent (as this is generally the most reliable of the Agents). Set the condition below on the job:

Timing - After
Condition - User Defined

If {#count_bad_jobs} != 0

Then Send Notification COUNT_BAD_JOBS

- Set a schedule on the job to run the job hourly or as frequently as required/needed.