How to modify the value of "Server command synchronization delta"

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Last Modified Date : 08/05/2018
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By default, in the smps log, the following is logged in case of R12.x;

“…Server command synchronization delta is 0 second(s)…”

Which registry setting can be modified if I have to change this value?

CA Single Sign On R12.x

Due to the differences in the system times of policy servers sharing a policy store, the store may not be updated consistently. To elaborate further, if multiple policy servers share a single policy store, the data inside the policy store could possibly be out of synchronization. Synchronization issues can occur under the following conditions:

• The system times on the Policy Servers differ. For example, suppose the system time on Policy Server A is 10:00, and the system time on Policy Server B is 10:05. Policy Server A sends its data to the policy store at 10:00. Policy Server B does not record any changes in the data timestamped before 10:05 because those events appear to have occurred earlier.

• Network latency. (So, even when clocks are synchronized but network latency or other factors skew the processing of Server Commands, it can help. )

To accommodate different system times or network latency issues:

1.  Create the following DWORD registry setting for Windows OS for the policy server (REG_DWORD in sm.registry on Unix): 
SiteMinder\CurrentVersion\ObjectStore Key: ServerCommandTimeDelay 

2.  Set the value of the key ServerCommandTimeDelay to the number of seconds that corresponds to the time difference. For example, for a five-minute time difference, set the value of the key to 300.
Additional Information:

Starting in R12.51, this registry setting name has been changed to MaxTimeDeltaBetweenServers.  More information can be found here:

Be careful not to confuse this Registry Setting with ServerCmdDelay or ServerCmdMsec;

ServerCmdDelay is the number of seconds the policy server caches server and/or agent commands before writing them out to the policy store journal.

ServerCmdMsec allows the Policy Server to process ServerCommands in sub-second recording and ordering.