How to modify the System Description message in Escalate Activity Logs

Document ID : KB000031695
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When an Escalate Activity Log is generated in a request, one may see a "changed priority level" message in the System Description.  Usually, if there was movement on the Priority of a ticket, usually by going to a ticket's Activities -> Escalate, then manipulating the Urgency/Impact fields, one will see an Escalate Activity Log that reads as "Changed Priority from X to Y, where X and Y are different priority values.

There is also the scenario in which "changed priority level" message is seen, which may be misleading.  For instance, one has gone into a ticket's Activities -> Escalate menu, and changed the Urgency/Impact fields, without actually incurring a Priority change per the Priority Calculation Matrix, ie:  Urgency changed from "3" to "4", and Impact changed from "1" to "2" would yield no actual priority change (default Priority Calculation maps both sets of Urgency and Impact values for a Priority "2").  Also, simply leaving the Impact and Urgency Fields, but adding text in the "User Description" field, will yield a similar result in the generated Escalate Activity Log, in its System Description field.


To modify the "changed priority level" message that appears per the above, one can change the Description field on the "Escalate" Activity Notification to modify log content to read as a value other than "changed priority level" under the above conditions:

  1. Login on Service Desk as an Admin user. 
  2. Go into the Adminstration Tab.
  3. On the left hand side, choose "Notifications", then "Activity Notifications", then on right hand side, choose Symbol "Escalate"
  4. The "Escalate" Activity Notification Detail appears.  Click Edit
  5. Under Description, change the value as needed, then save.  The default value is "changed priority level".