How to modify ITCA / ITCM agent package to remove OS restriction

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Last Modified Date : 13/07/2018
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Procedure to remove the 'Runs on OS' restriction on the 'All Agents' package in ITCA/ITCM so an upgrade can be pushed to a client with an unclassified OS listing.
Will work on targets whose OS is set to 'Unclassified' or otherwise incorrectly identified and need a reinstall or upgrade.
Example is Windows, but should be possible to do for any OS target package install.
1. Open DSM Explorer and browse to the package you wish you convert in Software -> Software Package Library -> All Software.
2. Right click on the package and select 'New' -> 'Software package Version'
3. In the Window that appears, you will notice the Name is populated with the previous name and the version field in blank. Our goal is to preserve the previous version number and modify the name however.
4. Look at the item called 'Based on:' which displays both the name and version of the previous package Ex. 'T55L084 14.2'
5. Change the current name to something similar to before but append an item like 'any target'. In this case the name will be 'T55L084-Any-Trgt'
6. Fill in the same version number as the previous package now; in this case '14.2'
7. click 'OK'
8. The new package will now appear in an unsealed state in the software package list. Double-click on it to move to the listing in the left side of the tree view or otherwise locate it in the left side of the tree view.
9. Expand the package by clicking the '+' to the left of the package name.
10. Expand 'procedures' in the same manner.
11. Right-click on the procedure you want to run and select 'Properties', in this case the procedure I want is called 'Install'.
12. On the window that appears, change the item called 'Runs on OS:' to 'Any' via the pull-down menu.
13. Many any other optional changes you wish, if desired, such as going to the 'Embedded File' tab and adding >$rf to capture job output or @#bg to make the job run silently, in the 'Parameters:' section.
14. When done, click 'OK'
15. Now right-click on the package name again and this time select 'Seal'.
16. A window will appear called 'Create new Release'. Feel free to click 'Cancel' here unless you have a specific reason to choose otherwise.

Done. Now you can push this package out to any target you wish. Whether it works or not will be dependent on the packages actual internal compatibility, but now it will at least attempt to run as normal.
Additional Information:
This is Frequently done with CA Provided packages which cannot normally be unsealed, so a deployment of a new agent can be done to an existing agent where the OS is listed as 'Unclassified' in DSM Explorer and normally not target-able.