How to modify an already running directory synchronization to add additional AD (Active Directory) properties

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Directory Synchronization is configured and running fine but there is now a requirement to report on an additional AD (Active Directory) property which is not included in default schema mapping eg CanonicalName of Computer Assets.


How  to add  AD (Active Directory) property which is not included in default schema mapping eg CanonicalName of Computer Assets.

Client Automation r12.9 , r14.0 , r14.0 SP1

Step 1: Create a new Schema Mapping

As it is not possible to create the mapping outside of the wizard it is necessary to run through the wizard and provide false information to allow a new schema to be created.

  1. Start the Add Directory Wizard as though creating a new integration.

  2. Enter anything in the Directory Name and when asked click OK to continue.

  3. Enter anything in the server name

  4. Enter a false username and password

  5. Enter a False Base directory node

  6. Tick the Box for "define a new mapping" and click Next

  7. Give your new Schema a name

  8. Scroll to bottom and dbl click on an unused Unique field type required (user or computer) CanonicalName

  9. Enter the AD (Active Directory) Property Name in the Mapping field eg CanonicalName

  10. Click Next

  11. Click Cancel

The Schema created is retained and can now be attached to the already configured synchronization.

Step2: Modify the Synchronization

  1. Open Configured Directories and right click on the production directory synchronization.

  2. Select Properties

  3. Select the Schema TAB

  4. Change the Schema to that created in step 1

When the Synchronization next runs it will include the newly mapped AD (Active Directory) property