How to Migrate Netqos Performance Center(NPC) to a New Server

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If you have NPC installed on the same server as your NFA Console server, you will need to migrate NPC to a new server before starting the upgrade to NFA 9.3.0.

Upgrading to NFA 9.3.0 will upgrade the Mysql version to 5.6 which will not work with NPC, which is the primary reason you will have to migrate NPC to a new server.

If you try to upgrade to 9.3.0 you will receive the error "Uninstall NPC and Event Manager before Continuing". 



1) Stop the “NetQos Mysql51” Service from Windows Services, which should in turn stop all of the NetQos services.


2) With the services stopped, backup the following directories:

-(Required)Database Directories:

<Install Directory>\Mysql51\data\netqosportal\ 

<Install Directory>\Mysql51\data\em


-(Optional)If you have Customized Event Manager Rules for Event Manager:

<Install Directory>\EventManager\EventManagerWS


-(Optional)If you customized your NPC’s logo’s or themes:

<Install Directory>\Portal\Website\CSS


-(Optional)If SSL was configured for NPC:

<Install Directory>\SingleSignOn\Configuration\NetQoSPerformanceCenter.xml



3) Disable NPC by deleting the following registry keys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\NetQoS Device Manager Service

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\NetQoS EventManager Service


4) Reboot the NFA Console/NPC server and verify that the “NetQos Device Manager Service” and the “NetQos Event Manager Service” are removed from Windows services.


5) Install the same version of NPC and Event Manager on the new server following the NPC Installation Guide .  

If possible install to the same drive and path. If you install to a different drive and/or directory follow step 12 below after restoring the databases.


6) After installation stop the “NetQos Mysql51” Service on the new server and copy over the directories and files from step 2 above,  back to their original location, to restore the databases and configuration settings.


7) Once restored, start all NetQos services and verify all start correctly.


8) Then launch the NPC web page and go to the ‘Admin->Data Sources’ page and find the Event Manager Data Source and Select the radio button next to it and click ‘Edit’.



 9) Change the IP address/hostname to reflect the IP address of the new data source.


10) Then on the new NPC server launch the Single Sign-On Configuration tool from the desktop, and select the “Performance Center” tab.

Edit the “Web Service Host” and the “Web Site Host” to be the new IP address of the NPC server.  


 Note: If using NPC 6.1SP2 / SSO 6.1.4, the Web Service Host and Web Site Host parameters do not get exposed in the Single Sign-On Configuration Tool. On the NPC server run the following, replacing the x.x.x.x with the IP address of the new NPC server:

mysql -P3308 -D netqosportal -t -e "update performance_center_properties set propValue='x.x.x.x' where propName='NpcWebServiceHost' or propname='NpcWebSiteHost';"

You can verify that these values are changed to the new NPC IP address by running the following query.

mysql -P3308 -D netqosportal -t -e "select * from performance_center_properties where propname='NpcWebServiceHost' or propname='NpcWebSiteHost';"


11) Then go back to the NPC web UI and go to ‘Admin->Data Sources’ and do a “Resync All” of all of the Data Sources, which will push the updated SSO settings down to all data sources.



12) As mentioned above if you have installed NPC to a different drive or path then it was originally installed, please run the following, using your installation path where it shows ”C:/NetQos/portal/tzinfo” below:


mysql -P3308  -D netqosportal –t –e “Update general set value=”C:/NetQos/portal/tzinfo” where attribute=’TimeZoneDirectory’;”


13) Recycle the "NetQos Device Manager Service" and verify that all data sources are syncing properly on the NPC Admin->Data Sources page.



14) At this point you, if you are upgrading NFA to 9.3.0, you will be able to safely upgrade your NFA console server to 9.3.0.