How to migrate MCS package templates when the migration fails after upgrading from 9.01EA to 9.02

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Last Modified Date : 27/11/2018
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Cannot find any instructions for migrating from the cdm probe enhanced templates installed with 9.01EA to the 9.02 enhanced templates when the templates fail to migrate after upgrading from 9.01EA to 9.02. Using the procedure specified for migrating the legacy templates does not work for the enhanced templates. When you try executing the activate_template callback, the following error is generated:

Probe : /U162719_domain/U162719_hub/U162719/mon_config_service
Command: activate_template

error_message Template 'CPU Monitor (Enhanced)' version '6.33.1' is managed by the Probe Templates Package facility and can not be activated using this callback
status failure
What are the steps for migrating the MCS probe templates when the template migrations fail after upgrading from UIM 9.01EA to 9.02?
UIM 9.02 upgraded from UIM 9.01EA
This issue only occurs when upgrading from UIM 9.01EA to 9.02.  The resolution is a 2 step process:

1.  First identify all of the probe MCS templates that are in a failed state by executing the following SQL query against the UIM database:

SELECT * FROM SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage WHERE status <> 'loaded;

2.  For each probe template listed in the output of this SQL query where the status equals 'error', redeploy the corresponding <probe>_mcs_templates package to the primary hub.  For example, if the cdm 6.33 MCS templates package has an error status in this table, deploy the 6.33 cdm_mcs_tempates package to the primary hub.  After the package is successfully deployed, the status should change to "loaded" in the SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage table.

3.  After the new <probe>_mcs_templates packages are successfully "loaded", you must then migrate any templates where you have profiles that were applied to existing monitoring groups prior to upgrading to UIM 9.02.  These templates are migrated by executing the activate_probe_templates_package command from the mon_config_service probe utility as follows:

a.  From Infrastructure Manager, highlight the mon_config_service probe on the primary hub, then enter <ctrl>p.  From Admin Console, select the "View Probe Utility in New Window" option for the mon_config_service probe on the primary hub.
b.  From the probe commandset list, select the activate_probe_templates_package command
c.  Provide the name of the probe for the probe_name argument, and the <probe>_mcs_templates version for the templates_package_version argument.  These values can be found in the probe_name and probe_template_package_version columns of the SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage table.  Continuing with the example for the cdm probe specified in step #2:

mon_config_service probe utility command:  activate_probe_templates_package
probe_name:  cdm
templates_package_version:  6.33

d.  Select the Play button (green arrow) to execute the command/

This will migrate the new templates from the <probe>_mcs_templates package and put the profiles for these templates into production.