How to map an alarm on a process model to its parent model

Document ID : KB000048242
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In Spectrum Oneclick , there are process models and the parent device models. When doing process monitoring on a device, out of the box the alarms are asserted on the process model with the process details.

This solution talks about how to map this alarm to its parent model so that we get the required metrics like process name , Network address and the device hostname in the alarm.


Follow this procedure to execute the solution in the most feasible manner

  1. The event code for Process Down alert is 2390000e.

  2. Logon to Spectrum Oneclick Console and remove the alarm for default process down alert (2390000e) using Event configuration editor.

  3. Create a new event with the same configuration as the older event using Event configuration editor.

  4. Map the default alarm code to this new event. New event code in this example is 0xfff0000b. Save the changes using the file tab in ECE.

  5. Logon to Spectroserver -> /custom/Event directory. Open the EventDisp file and add the below code in it.

    0x2390000e E 50 P"\ -----> Default Process down event code
    {H 0xc41151}),\ ---> Attribute on process model referring it's parent ip address or hostname
    {H 0xfff0000b},\ -----> New event code generated on the device model

  6. Save the file. Update the event configuration on the VNM model in Oneclick and reload events in the Oneclick Administration page.

  7. Generated a process down alarm and check if it is successfully logged on the respective device model.

  8. We could see the network address and host name for the alarm when this alarm is logged on the device model along with the process details in the event message.

  9. Process name can also be displayed in alarm title using Dynamic Alarm Title configuration on the new event using one more Event Procedure.

Note: Even though we have a straight forward option under system resources -> Monitored process tab to assert the alarm on the device model, current solution helps when you need to do changes to the configuration at later stages.