How to map a disk alarm in Spectrum to its parent model for a Sysedge Host

Document ID : KB000048367
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When you configure disk threshold alarms in Spectrum on a Sysedge model, we don't have an option to assert the disk threshold alarm on the device model. By default it goes onto the disk model which doesn't provide the network address in the alarm. This can be achieved using an event procedure outlined in the below solution.


Follow the below instructions to map the alarm on the disk model to its parent model for a SystemEdge Host


  1. The event code of current alarm on disk model is 0xc40031

  2. Login to Spectrum OneClick and filter for this event code in Event configuration editor.

  3. Write down the alarm code and the event message.

  4. Remove the alarm for this event from alarm options tab. Mark the severity to none.

  5. Create a new event same as the 0xc40031 event and assert the alarm codenoted in step 3 to this event. Copy the event message and other options from event code mentioned in step 1 to this new event.

  6. Now save these changes from ECE.

  7. Once done log into Spectroserver/custom/events directory

  8. Open the EventDisp file and go to the end of the file

  9. Place the below code in it.

    0xc40031 E 50 P " \ ---------------> Trigger this procedure when the event 0xc40031 occursCreateEventWithAttributes( \ReadAttribute( \{ C CURRENT_MODEL }, \{ H 0xc41159 } ), \ --------------> Disk model attribute holding the parent model handle value { H <Place the new event code from step 5 here> }, \GetEventAttributeList() )"

  10. Save the file.

  11. Go to VNM model in OC -> Information tab -> Spectroserver control tab -> Click on Update event configuration button.

  12. Go to Oneclick console -> Administration -> Upload event format/pcause tab -> Reload.

    Now generate the disk alarm again and check if the new event and alarm pops up on the device model.