How to manually regenerate the httpd.conf

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to manually regenerate the httpd.conf


If the httpd.conf is not regenerating automatically or you need to get it to regenerate now, here is how to manually regenerate it.


6.0 SP 02 and later
All supported platforms


UNIX/LINUX Instructions:

Perform the following logged into the eHealth server:

1. As NH_USER, stop the httpd daemon:

nhHttpd stop

2. Go to the directory: $NH_HOME/web/httpd/conf

3. Rename your file httpd.conf to httpd.conf.old

4. As the NH_USER user, issue the commands:

nhHttpdCfg -user <$NH_USER> -grp <eHealth_user_group> -nhDir $NH_HOME -protect -outFile $NH_HOME/web/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

5. As NH_USER, restart the httpd daemon as:

          nhHttpd start

6. Open a Web browser and verify that the eHealth Web interface is working properly.


Windows Instructions:

1. Login as the NH_USER user

2. Select Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Services (or run services.msc from the Run window)

3. Select 'eHealth httpd<version>' (ex: eHealth httpd63), then click Stop

4. Rename the %NH_HOME%/web/httpd/httpd.conf to httpd.conf.old

5. From a command prompt in the %NH_HOME%\bin directory, run the following command:

nhHttpdCfg -user ehealth -grp Administrators -nhDir %NH_HOME% -protect -outFile %NH_HOME%\web\httpd\conf\httpd.conf

6. Restart the eHealth httpd6x service in the Services Control Panel

7. Open a Web browser and verify if the eHealth Web interface is working properly


Additional Information:

- $NH_USER is the name of the eHealth user on the target server. 

To find the NH_USER run: env | grep NH_USER

- The eHealth_user_group is the user group to which the eHealth user account belongs. On a Windows server this is always Administrators.