How to manage aggregate statistics ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You can use the "autoaggr" command in order to aggregate CA WAAE data into daily, hourly, weekly and monthly tables to be used to generate reports.

The following options are available for "autoaggr" command:

autoaggr -d    Aggregates the daily data

autoaggr -h    Aggregates the hourly data

autoaggr -w   Aggregates the weekly data

autoaggr -m   Aggregates the monthly data


To purge the data in aggregate tables, use the following command:

sendevent _E AGGREGATE -d


Beginning with WAAE 11.3.5 and higher releases, you can set the "AggregateStatistics" parameter in $AUTOUSER/config.$AUTOSERV file to aggregate the WAAE data automatically :

# Keyword: AggregateStatistics=<value>


# Aggregate  CA Workload Automation AE   statistics  into   hourly,

# daily, weekly, and  monthly  tables that other programs will  use

# to generate  reports. The CA Workload Automation AE  SDKs provide

# APIs to retrieve the data generated by the aggregation process.


# The valid values are as follows:


#    0 = Specifies no aggregation is to be performed.


#    1 = Specifies  aggregation  will  be  performed  to update the

#        hourly, daily, weekly and monthly tables.


# Notes:


# 1. Daily  aggregation  is   performed  at midnight  on  each  new

#    calendar day.

# 2. Weekly aggregation  is performed at midnight on Sunday of each

#    new calendar week.

# 3. Monthly aggregation is performed at midnight on the 1st day of

#    each new calendar month.


# Default: 0




The default value for this parameter is 0 which means it is Not activated.


Please note in WA AE 11.3 SP1 release, there is No “automatic” aggregate statistics available.

Consequently in WA AE 11.3 SP1 release, you need to run “autoaggr” to aggregate statistics.