How to make inode options enabled for all disks without deleting existing cdm probe

Document ID : KB000047187
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Instead of delete the existing cdm probe on each servers, we want to retain it and just purely want to add the mass inode monitoring. 



You need to create cdm configuration only package for your platform and modify cdm.cfx file. You will need to configure the inode options enabled under <fixed_default> section. After applying this package, you will see the inode options enabled for all disks. 


1. Drag and drop the cdm probe from the robot into the archive and rename and save as Configuration Only

2. Locate the cfg file in the archive and right click and select ‘Edit...’

3. Right click the cdm.cfx under the ‘Files’ tab and select ‘Edit File…’
4. Modify the cdm.cfx as follow

<fixed> clear 
<fixed_default> overwrite 
active = yes 
qos_disk_usage = no 
qos_disk_usage_perc = yes 
qos_disk_total_size = no 
percent = yes 
qos_inode_usage = no 
qos_inode_usage_perc = no 
inode_percent = yes 
<error> overwrite 
active = yes 
threshold = 10 
message = DiskError 
<warning> overwrite 
active = no 
threshold = 20 
message = DiskWarning 
<inode_error> overwrite 
active = yes 
threshold = 10 
message = InodeError 
<inode_warning> overwrite 
active = yes 
threshold = 20 
message = InodeWarning 
<missing> overwrite 
active = yes 
message = DiskMissing 
<delta_error> overwrite 
active = yes 
threshold = 200 
message = DeltaError 
<delta_warning> overwrite 
active = no 
threshold = 8 
message = DeltaWarning