How to Make an Output Data Set Visible on the DevTest Portal

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Last Modified Date : 29/03/2018
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Users needing access to output data sets from the Portal as well as update an input file.


When writing to a delimited file, the Data directory can be used as the location of the CSV file only if both tests support rerun. The first test must be run again to create the CSV in the lads folder so the second test can run. The lads directory stores files temporarily while a test case or suite is running.  To let the second test run without the first, you must put the data set in a common location outside the project or MAR.

We will be employing this same concept for this procedure so as to allow output data sets to be accessed from the Portal.

All supported DevTest releases and platforms.

 1. Have the test case write the output file to the \data folder in the project, this is just for reference.

 2. Run locally to functionally test.

 3. Update the test case and modify the last step that writes out the output file to write it to a location outside of the Project. (this location will have to be the same on the Portal machine.

 4. Add another step after the last step to execute an external command to copy the output file to the {{DEVTEST_HOME}}\Projects\<yourproject>\data folder.

 5. Stage locally to functionally test again. 

 6. Create a MarInfo file of the test case and include the output .csv file that gets created. 

 7. Create a MAR file from the MarInfo file. 

 8. Bring up the Portal URL. 

 9. Choose Manage Projects icon (blue gear next to the Current Project). 

10. Next to the Project that has this test case, choose the Upload archive to project icon. 

11. Click the Force to Merge conflicted files checkbox to true. 

12. Drag the mar file to drop area. 

13. Choose OK. 

14. Choose Close. 

15. Choose Manage. 

16. Choose Tests. 

17. Click on your test case and run. 

18. Once your test case has completed, choose Data Sets. 

19. Scroll down to your Project. 

20. You should see the output data set.  (if you have any input data sets they will show here as well) 

For other users to access the output data set: 

21. Login to the Portal. 

22. Choose Manage. 

23. Choose Data Sets. 

24. Scroll down to the Project. 

25. Choose the Options Icon on the line of the data set needing to be downloaded. 

26. Choose Download Data Set. 

27. If an input file needs to be updated, choose the input data set to download. (note the location) 

28. Modify the input data set. 

29. From the Portal, choose the Options Icon on the line of the input data set again. 

30. Choose Update the Data Set. 

31. Choose the updated input file to Update Content. 

32. You will get a warning message: Changing the Data Set content might affect other artifacts using it. 

33. Choose Update. 

34. This will update the input file with the changes. 

35. Now the test can be re-run to get new output.