How to maintain personal CA SYSVIEW settings via a CLIST?

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-  On a daily basis I access multiple CA SYSVIEW instances running on a number of different systems. I would like to set my personal preference options, those  controlled by the SET or PROFILE command, to be the same across all instances of SYSVIEW. Some of our systems share a common SYSVIEW profile data set and some do not. When I see PAGE in the Scroll field and I do not use full page scrolling, I know that I am using a SYSVIEW that I have never used before. In the past, if I logged onto a SYSVIEW where I did not have a customized profile, I would get out my notes and manually type in all my personal settings. At first I only had a few preferences to set, so it was no big deal, but over the years my list of personal preferences outgrew the notebook method.

How to maintain the personal SYSVIEW profile using a CLIST or REXX procedure?


The following CLIST contains a sample of some of the SET commands that I use and a brief comment. A complete explanation of these commands can be obtained via HELP CLIST or HELP SET and then FIND [parameter name]. Note that these are not recommended settings - they only illustrate how a CLIST can be used to set SYSVIEW options.

SET PFSHOW OFF ALL                     /* Do not display PF key lines */
SET SCROLLVALUE CSR ALL                  /* Scroll by cursor position */

SET PF6 NONE ALL                    /* Ensure selected PF key is not  */
*                                   /* used by any command.           */
SET PF6 'LINK DUMP' GENERAL         /* Set selected PF key to save    */
*                                   /* the current environment and    */
*                                   /* LINK to the DUMP command from  */
*                                   /* all screens.                   */
SET PF6 DUMP DUMP                   /* Set selected PF key to DUMP    */

SET PF12 RECALL ALL                      /* Retrieve previous command */
SET PF24 REVIEW ALL             /* Retrieve list of previous commands */

SET COMMANDFIELD NO       /* Allows for 13 more bytes of command text */
SET SCROLLARROW  NO        /* Allows for 6 more bytes of command text */

SET IMPLICITSET  YES                /* Do not require the SET command */
SET COMMANDDELIM ;               /* Reset command delimiter character */

The sample REXX exec in SYSVIEW.CNM4BSAM(SETPROF) can be used to make a mass profile update by obtaining a list of PROFILE PDS member names and invoking a
CLIST to do a PROFILE CHANGE command for each one.