How to login and use DrNimBUS

Document ID : KB000057074
Last Modified Date : 04/02/2019
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DrNimBUS is an undocumented feature so see below for some helpful information.

- Go to the Primary hub server
- Login to the Infrastructure Manager as administrator first
- Select Start->All Programs-> Nimsoft Monitoring-> Tools -> DrNimBUS
- Select the 'Message Sniffer' icon (second icon from the left)
- Using the drop down window, select the hub from where youd like to view the message/alarm
- Enter the Subject, Source (ip address), Robot, probe
e.g., probe name, Message Subject, e.g., QOS_MESSAGE, alarm etc., and select 'Show header' option
- Press the Green arrow to start the Message sniffer (it may take some time for the data to populate in the window)

In a few minutes you should see QoS/alarm data flowing.

Note that another useful window is "View Message Statistics" to see what hubs/robots are generating the most QoS data/alarms in real time. It shows percentage of traffic on the NimBUS as well.

DrNimBUS Inventory Scan is also useful for doing a quick scan of the entire NMS environment. It also allows you to set a collection 'filter.'