How to log or find the storage violations that are not in the active interval (CTRANS) anymore with CA Sysview?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You would like to log all your storage violation that occur in your cics regions.
In real time you can see in 'CTRANS' where Stgv is greater then 0.
You can find the transaction code for which the stgv occurred.
This however is only visible during the active interval of 15 minutes.
When the Stgv occurs 1 minute before the end of the interval, it's already gone before loging on.
Also in the CTRANLOG these storage violation cannot be found. 

How can you log or find the storage violations that are not in the active interval (CTRANS) anymore? 


Currently there is no threshold variable for storage violations specific to individual transactions, so here’s what you can do to get them. 

1. Create a member in your CAPLIB (CNM4BCAP by default) named CTRANCAP with the following text: 



   You may wish to use a CTRANS SYS command if you wish to capture CTRANS data for all CICS regions monitored by their CA Sysview region. 

2. In the CTHRESH display, add CTRANCAP to the CapEvent field associated with the STGVIOLS threshold (you’ll need to scroll to the right to find it): 

3. Now, when the STGVIOLS threshold triggers and generates an exception message, a capture of the CTRANS display is immediately produced. 

4. The CAPLIST display can be issued to see the capture file produced which will contain the CTRANS display: 

5. Selecting the capture entry displays the following: 

6. Selecting the CTRANS CMD will display the CTRANS data at the time the STGVIOLS threshold was triggered, and you should be able to identify any transactions that had storage violations at that time. 

Additional Information: 

We included the LISTLOG command in the CTRANCAP member as a means of identifying any potential problems associated with the capture.