How to load Symbolic Information from CA Endevor Change Manager, CA Librarian and CA Panvalet for use with CA Testing Tools?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Integration between CA's mainframe testing tools and with CA's life cycle management products helps to ensure that you are working with the best set of symbolic information available to you.

Powerful integration between these products simplifies the transfer of symbolic information from your Endevor listings library to your PROTSYM file(s). The PROTSYM file is the VSAM repository for symbolic information used by:

  • CA InterTest for CICS
  • CA InterTest Batch
  • CA SymDump for CICS
  • CA SymDump Batch
  • CA Optimizer/II

Since these testing tools share a common set of symbolic utilities, it is easy to master the techniques for loading symbolic information. Once stored in the PROTSYM file, symbolic information can be accessed from any of the testing and fault management tools to enhance debugging sessions, abend reports or performance analysis.

To populate the PROTSYM file with symbolic information, COBOL, PL/I and Assembler listings may be loaded from any number of input sources. Common types of input sources include temporary files, sequential files, and partitioned data sets.

For customers who license any of the following life cycle management solutions, listings can be directly loaded from listing libraries either automatically or in batch using utilities described below. This loading process can be automated, managed through a batch utility or performed on an ad-hoc basis using symbolic utilities:


  • CA Endevor Change Manager
  • CA Librarian
  • CA Panvalet


For example, if you are using CA Endevor Change Manager to create and store your listings, you have several options for loading these listings into your PROTSYM file.

1.    Modify Processors

Many customers modify their processors to load their listings into the PROTSYM file. This is the easiest method to load symbolic information because, once this is set up, all the symbolic information is loaded automatically. This means everyone utilizing the symbolic information can be assured that the information is current and consistently maintained. If you use this method, you probably do not need to save your compiler listings permanently since the listings will be stored in compressed format in your PROTSYM file.


2.    Utilize Batch Utility

Some customers choose to save their compiler listings in CA Endevor Change Manager and elect not modify their processors as described above.

Since the testing and fault management tools each provide a symbolic library loader for batch, loading the symbolic information into the PROTSYM file is as easy as submitting a batch job. The name of the symbolic library loader is called IN25SYMD. Using this utility, you can load individual members, groups of members, or the entire contents of your CA Endevor Change Manager listing library. Simply identify the library type as "NDV" for CA Endevor and the loading process is as easy as loading information from a PDS.


Sample JCL to load listings directly from CA Endevor Change Manager in batch.


3.    Utilize Symbolic Utilities

For customers that use CA Optimizer/II, CA SymDump Batch, or CA InterTest Batch, symbolic utilities are provided with your TSO/ISPF interface to make loading the PROTSYM file very convenient. These symbolic utilities allow you to list, view and update your symbolic files with just a few simple key strokes.

After you identify the library type as "NDV" for CA Endevor, you can load one or more members whenever you need them - on demand. The flexibility of this technique makes it extremely effective for adding symbolic information to your CA SymDump Batch abend reports, for debugging a subroutine with CA InterTest Batch, or for viewing execution counts and timings with CA Optimizer/II on an 'ad-hoc' basis.

Loading multiple listings at once from CA Endevor Change Manager directly to a PROTSYM file using the online viewer provided with CA Intertest Batch.

Listing the contents of your PROTSYM file with the CA InterTest Batch online utility.

All of CA's mainframe testing and fault management tools contain a common set of symbolic utilities, allowing direct access to the listings from any of these products, regardless of the method you choose to load the symbolic information.


Additional Information:


For more information about the symbolic utilities or maintaining your PROTSYM files, please refer to the CA Application Quality and Testing Tools - Symbolic Guide.