How to load data for Root Cause field.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Introduction / Summary: 

- This document explains how to load new items to Root Cause in SDM via txt file directly into the db table.


To make a massive load from a txt file you have to obtain the structure of the table where you want to insert new records.
In this case, the table name is Rootcause.

To obtain the structure of this table you must:

1) open a CMD window and run the following command:

pdm_extract Rootcause > rc.txt

This command will save the Rootcause table structure in the "rc.txt" file that will be located in the path where you are running this command: example C:\Users\Administrator> pdm_extract Rootcause > rc.txt

2) Then open this txt file created and will looks like this:

TABLE Rootcause
del description id last_mod_by last_mod_dt persid sym tenant
{ "0" ,"test1" ,"400002" ,"C0FC16E9A5764548A9EC85279FE824AE", "09/02/2016 12:26:43" ,"rc:400002" ,"description test1" ,"" }

Where "test1" is the rootcause name and "description test1" will contain the description of this new item.

3) you can copy the content under Table Rootcause file and duplicate it in next row, also incrementing the value id "40002" +1 because is unique for each record.

4) once you have your file with all new records ready to be loaded then save it as rc2.txt and you must run the following command with the file name included:

pdm_load -m -f rc2.txt

where  -m is for massive updates and - f is for the filename.

once the process is complete you can verify new values then login in SDM then go to Administration tab>> Service Desk >> application Data > codes > Root Cause.

Additional Information:

For references regarding syntax please refer to this document: