How to launch the Unicenter Remote Control Viewer from the command line?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to launch the Remote Control Viewer from the command line?



Remote Control Viewer command prompt interface to launch the remote control functionality



Client Automation - All Versions



The Command line interface to launch Remote Control Viewer is:             gui_rclaunch.exe

This command has the following format:

All arguments except VIEW or REPLAY are optional.

If required, a dialog asks for the address, user name, or password.

By default, a shared connection is made and the viewer appears in windowed mode using the same color depth as the host.

This syntax illustrates the command line parameter options for a viewer session:


gui_rcLaunch {{VIEW | REPLAY} [Options] | [None]} 

Note: Use quoted strings for values containing spaces. Use \ to insert a quote.




Specifies authentication using the credentials of the current user. This permits you to connect to a remote host without specifying a user name or password. The system assumes that the logon credentials are also to be used on the remote machine.



Indicates the type of connection.

Default: SHARED


/N {Computer Name}

Specifies the remote computer display name.


/A {Address}

Specifies the address of the remote computer.



Indicates the connection protocol.

Note: Only TCP is supported currently.

Default: TCP


/U {UserName}

Defines the user name.



Auto-detects the version of Remote Control on the remote computer.


/P {Password}

Defines the user password.



Indicates the type of scroll mode.

Default: NORMAL



Indicates the color depth for bitmaps.

Default: 32BITCOLOR


/R {Filename}

Specifies the file name for the recording of a session.

Note: If /R is specified, the viewer records the current session to the specified file name.



Specifies interactive mode.

Note: If /I is specified, the viewer operates in an interactive mode and displays the Connection Settings dialog, letting you set various options before connecting.



Specifies full screen mode.



Specifies that reduced bitmaps be dithered.



Specifies that fonts not be embedded.

Note: The viewer always displays the Connection Settings dialog if the user name, password, or address is not specified on the gui_rcLaunch command line.




•The following command connects to host1 and displays the Remote Control viewer:

                gui_rcLaunch VIEW /A host1 /U myuser /P secret

 •The following command displays the Connection Settings dialog, but the viewer does not connect until the Connect button is clicked:

                gui_rcLaunch VIEW /A host1 /U myuser /P secret /I

 •Even though /I is not specified, this command displays the Connection Settings dialog since the password is not specified:

               gui_rcLaunch VIEW /A host1 /U myuser


Additional Information:

 The gui_rcLaunch command is not supported in Linux.