How to integrate basic UIM - CASDGTW with CA Service Desk

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I do a UIM – CASDGTW integration with CA Service desk to open a automatic ticket when the alarm is trigger.



Open your CA service desk application and look for the user name that you want to open the case, at my sample I choose ServiceDesk user.




To create a user on the UIM click the Security and click on the User Administration.


Create user UIM 1.jpg

When the pop opened click new and add the same user you choose on the service desk, my case is servicedesk with the same password.

Create user UIM 2.jpg

No go to the NAS probe, open the Auto-Operator tab, Profiles tab and right click on the black screen and new

Auto Operator profiles.jpg

When the new profile screen open on the Action Type choose assign.

On the assign to: choose the user you create, my case are servicedesk.

On the action mode I choose to the alarm to be assign after 20 seconds, this you must configure with the configuration you want.

On the Severity Level I just want critical, you can choose the severity you prefer.

Profile for open critical automatic ticket on SD.jpg

After these steps go to the probe casdgtw

casdgtw configuration.jpg

Open the probe and on the nas address get the /<Domain>/<Hub>/<Robot>/nas 

At the Service Desk Version, choose the version at my case are v12.9

Server name you need to go to your service desk page and type the servername:8080/axis and click List.

Service desk axis page.jpg

You will received a list results, needs to click on the wsdl

result for the list on the axis page.jpg

wsdl address.jpg

You will received the wsdl address on the page address and a xml output.

Get this wsdl address and put on the casdgtw as Server Name

On the username and password must be the same one as the UIM user you already created.

After configure this first step click Test and make sure you received the green button


On the second half configure the SD User, Timezone and closed Ticket Status, click refresh to populate the fields and you must choose closed ( my SD are in Portuguese) this is the reason show as Fechada (closed)

Check box the Enable Incident Activity Logging.

Now open the Edit Alarm Severity at my case I just want Critical to be open, you can choose the severity you need and on the box for critical choose the way you want the severity on the service desk side, my say Rápido (Fast in english)

alarm Severity.jpg

Now click the Fields mapping, to have the integration to work you do not need to fill this configuration you can leave empty like I did.

Fields Mapping.jpg

For the Ticket Assignment you must configure the group you want on the service desk to open, my case I choose the group monitoracao.

Monitoracao UIM.jpg

Open you service desk click search, group and find the group you want, my case just have one group created.

Monitoracao group SD.jpg

Configuration Item Status you can leave alone

Click apply.

After this entire configuration go to the alarm screen and look for the critical alarm

critical alarm is created.jpg

You will see after 20 seconds the alarm is triggered will be assigned and a Service Desk ticket number will be update at custom1 field

alarm is assigned and ticket opened.jpg

No you can go to the service desk and looking for incident number 32

the ticke is open on the SD.jpg