How to integrate 3 UIM VMWare Robots to Spectrum landscapes

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Last Modified Date : 15/10/2018
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We are running UIM 8.51 I am standing up three UIM VMWare robots. Each one will connect to a different vCenter. Questions regarding the integration to Spectrum - I am thinking of integrating all three UIM Robots to a single Spectrum OneClick server. - Due to not wanting to overwhelm one Landscape with information from 3 vCenters, I was thinking of pointing each UIM VMWare robot to separate Landscapes. However, the UIM config in Spectrum only seems to allow for one Landscape to be used for the VMWare topology from UIM. How does CA Support suggest integrating multiple separate UIM VMWare Robots to three different Spectrum Landscapes?
There are a couple of options: 

1. Multi-Tenancy Mapping (takes precedence) mapped to specific landscapes 

If the vmware probes have different origins the origins can be mapped to different Spectrum landscapes and the models will get created there. 

2. Datacenter migration 
.......After the vcenter environments are modeled specific datacenters can be migrated to different landscapes. 
This can be done via the 'UIM Manager' model within OneClick 

UIM Manager ~~> Information Tab ~~> VMware Configuration ~~> VMware Datacenter Modeling 

Here you can select the datacenter and migrate it to another landscape. 
OneClick will then create the models on the remote landscape and once done will remove the models from the previous landscape. 

**Caveats... When modeling VMware OneClick will typically take one ESX from the vCenter and create it on all landscapes and run a discover connections. 
It tries to determine which landscape contains the upstream models and will model it there. So you may see this occur.