How to install the DataDirect 4.2 ODBC drivers for 7.2

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The CleverPath Eureka 7.2 install CD installs Merant's 4.0 ODBC drivers. However, we also provide DataDirect's 4.2 ODBC drivers if a client wishes to install them manually instead of the Merant 4.0 drivers. Technical Support recommends clients install the 4.0 drivers unless they have a specific reason to move to the DataDirect 4.2 drivers


You have installed the Report Server and now have a need to manually install DataDirect's 4.2 ODBC drivers.

Steps to install the DataDirect ODBC 4.2 Drivers

  1. Make sure that currently no jobs are being processed. Stop any Eureka Reporter applications and services that are running.
  2. Navigate to the \windows\ddTek off of the Reporter 7.2 CD
  3. Zip the content of \windows\ddTek (you do not need to zip the slksrv54 for the ODBC 4.2 install)
  4. Create a directory in your \Server directory named "RPTSVR_521_040609"
  5. Unzip the file created in step two into the RPTSVR_521_040609 directory
  6. Click the setup.exe
  7. Choose "DataDirect ODBC 4.2 Drivers" and click next
  8. Select all the drivers you need for your Report Server

After the new 4.2 ODBC drivers have been installed, restart the Report Server.