How to install OpenMake Meister KB server 7.1 on a HP-UX Itanium server?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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OpenMake Meister KB server 7.1 installation requires to invoke Meister GUI first.

Currently, the Meister GUI does not work on HP-UX Itanium but works on HP-UX PA-RISC.

As work around, we can install the KB Server in HP-UX Itanium using Meister GUI in HP-UX PA-RISC.


OpenMake Meister KB server 7.1 on the HP-UX Itanium platform


The Installer is based on Eclipse GUI and it does not run on HP-UX Itanium platform You will need to run it from a HP-UX PA-RISC machine through a SAMBA or NFS mount.

  1. On the Itanium machine, export /opt/openmake7 via SAMBA/NFS

  2. On the PA-RISC machine, mount the Itanium /opt/openmake7 to /opt/openmake7

  3. Transfer the Meister HP-UX PA/ (in Binary format) to the PA-RISC machine?s /opt/openmake7

  4. Unzip the file.

  5. Run the Meister program. This will launch the installer.

  6. After the install is complete, unmount /opt/openmake7

  7. On the Itanium machine, edit the *.lax files [check ./install dir/kbserver] and update the line containing: to point to the correct location of JAVA installed on the Itanium machine. Save the files.

  8. Run the [check ./install dir/kbserver] to start the KB Server.

Please note that as of February, 2008:

  1. Apply same method in case of applying future patch to the KB server on HP-UX Itanium.

  2. Meister GUI does not run on HP-UX Itanium? So, this remains unavailable feature.

  3. Other legacy features like command line, web client are still available.

    NOTE: Support for Meister GUI on HP-UX Itanium is under investigation.