How to install On-Demand Certifications for CA Performance Management

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Last Modified Date : 07/09/2018
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This article discusses how to implement a new Certification received from Support or downloaded from the On-Demand Certification page.
When a Certification Request is submitted to, and fulfilled by, the CA Support team, the new Certification is provided as an On-Demand Certification.

This provides a convenient path to utilizing the new Certification in an existing install. Doing so allows use of the new Certification without having to wait for a new release, or having to upgrade, to take advantage of the new Certification.
All supported CA Performance Management releases

The new certification files can be installed without upgrade to CA Performance Manager via the CA Performance Management On-Demand Certifications downloads page.

Alternatively that page can be reached via these steps:

  1. Log into the site
  2. Go to the CA Performance Management product home page
  3. Select the CA Performance Management On-Demand Certifications link

The Certification files needed are present as downloadable archives containing the required new Certification XML files. The Device Manufacturer Name is a link for each given line and it's Certification.

Download the install files and place them on any system that has access to the Data Aggregator on port 8581.

The simplest method to use for installing the new Certification is the Certification Installer. Install the Certification following those instructions. The same page has other options to import the new Certification if the Certification Installer is not able to be used.

NOTE: Download a current copy of the Installer that matches the installed CA Performance Management product release. The installer release is required to match the current product release. Older installers can't be used on newer releases, newer installers can't be used on older releases.

Download the installer. Run it as directed entering the appropriate Data Aggregator host details. When it asks, direct it to the new Certification files downloaded from the On-Demand Certification Portal.

After the new Certification is loaded in the system, ensure it is connected to device items or component items that require it to provide data, through Monitoring Profile to Collection associations.

Additional Information:
  • There is a version of the Certification Installer available for Linux or Windows
  • When the Certification Installer is launched in any OS, nothing is installed on the system. It runs new each time it is launched, one Certification installation attempt per execution of the tool.
  • Only a log file about the Certification Installers actions is left on the system it is executed on.