How to install CA Workflow 1.1 for ServiceDesk R12?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document provides the steps to install CA Workflow 1.1 for ServiceDesk R12.


CA Workflow 1.1 for ServiceDesk R12 can be installed either on a Primary ServiceDesk server or a Secondary server. This is possible because the pdm_rpc daemon in R12 runs on all secondary servers. In R11.2 it runs only on primary server. The slump name will be "pdm_rpc:<servername>".

Procedure to install CA Workflow 1.1:

  1. Run setup.exe from the ServiceDesk R12 media (Disk 1).

  2. Click on Product Installs ->CA Workflow.

  3. On the Welcome screen, click on Next, Figure 1.

    Figure 1

    Figure 1

  4. On the EEM screen, enter the EEM server name, EEM Admin username and password. CA Workflow will register with EEM and create an application instance with the name specified in the EEM Application Label field (Default is ServiceDesk-ServerName). Figure 2

    Figure 2

    Figure 2

  5. On the CA Workflow screen,

    1. Enter the CA Workflow Username, default is ServiceDesk. This user is created in EEM and given application group permissions "Workflow Administrators and Workflow Process Initiators".

    2. The default tomcat start port is 8090 and stop port is 8095, they can be changed if required.

    3. Enter the database server node where the CA Workflow data need to be stored.

    4. Enter the Database Privileged Username in the Database Userid field.

    5. Enter the password for the database privileged user.

    6. The database listening port is blank if you are using the default port numbers. It will have the value entered in the ServiceDesk configuration if different from default port. The default port for SQL server 2005 is 1433 and 1521 is for Oracle 10g.

    7. Click on Next. Figure 3

      Figure 3

      Figure 3

  6. On the Summary screen, click on Finish.

  7. CA Workflow will show a progress bar indicating the installation, it installs the client, server and uninstall folder under $NX_ROOT/site/Workflow folder. Figure 4

    Figure 4

    Figure 4

  8. A pop up with message "All tasks have finished successfully " is displayed. Figure 5

    Figure 5

    Figure 5

  9. Login to CA ServiceDesk as Administrator, Go to Administrator->Options Manager->CA Workflow.

  10. Install the following CA Workflow options

    • cawf_hostname: The hostname where the CA Workflow server is running.
    • cawf_password: The password for the CA Workflow User defined during the installation.
    • cawf_pm_location : The pm location is http://server_name:tomcat_port/pm/
    • cawf_pm_url: http://server_name:tomcat_port/pm/services/pmService2
      Note: pmService2 is the new enhanced process manager server in CA Workflow 1.1.
    • cawf_username: The privileged user for CA Workflow.
    • cawf_wl_location: The default location for worklist is http://server_name:tomcat_port/wl/
    • cawf_wl_url: The default url for worklist is http://server_name:tomcat_port/wl/services/wlService

  11. Restart CA ServiceDesk server service. This will start the tomcat for CA Workflow.

  12. The command to start CA Workflow tomcat alone is pdm_tomcat_nxd -d START -t CAWF.

  13. Login to CA Workflow PM to verify the installation. Figure 6

    Figure 6

    Figure 6