How to install CA Release Automation Agent manually in silent mode on Windows machines.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to install CA Release Automation agent manually on Windows machines in Silent mode ? 

Release Automation 5.5.2,6.0,6.1,6.2,6.3Windows 7,10,2008

Steps for Silent mode install:

1. On target server, create an empty folder, copy files nolio_agent_windows_*_*.exe and agent.response.varfile from Execution Server scripts directory( /ReleaseAutomationServer/Scripts) to target server machine. 

agent and response file screensht.jpg

2. On target server machine (Folder created with name RA Agent). 


3. The file agent.response.varfile (no modification required). 

var file modification not required.jpg

4. Run the following command from the directory created on target machine:

  • nolio_agent_windows_*.exe -q -dir (Install dir) -varfile agent.response.varfile -Vsys.installationDir=(install dir) server name) -Vnolio.execution.port=6600 -Vnolio.nimi.port=6600 -Vnolio.check.connectivity=false -Vnolio.nimi.secured=false

For Example:

nolio_agent_windows_5_5_2_b191.exe -q -dir "C:\Program Files\CA\NolioAgent\" -varfile agent.response.varfile -Vsys.installationDir="C:\Program Files\CA\NolioAgent\" -Vnolio.execution.port=6600 -Vnolio.nimi.port=6600 -Vnolio.check.connectivity=false -Vnolio.nimi.secured=false

Additional Information:

Note: i4j_nlog in temp directory will show the information related to installation.