How to install a second instance of the web-based Admin Console application on a secondary hub

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to install a second instance of the web-based admin console on a secondary hub.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The hub(s) which AdminConsole2 is installed to must be able to directly access the backend SQL database for UIM.  For this reason, AC2 cannot be deployed to "Remote" secondary hubs (e.g. those connected via a tunnel to the primary environment.)  It can only be deployed to hubs which are within the same internal network/LAN so that the hubs can communicate directly with the SQL database server.

UIM 8.42 or higher

To install the admin console (adminconsoleapp) a.k.a. AC2, on a remote  hub:

1. Locate the remote hub(s) where you want to deploy additional instances of the admin console application (AC2)

2. From the local archive, deploy the adminconsoleapp, wasp and mps packages (mps, mpse).

3. Using Raw Configure, update the remote wasp.cfg file with the 'nimbus' / UIM address of the data_engine on the primary hub. 

Under the setup section via raw configure, modify the key 'value' for the data_engine from “data_engine” to “</domain/hub/robot/data_engine>”.

4. Try accessing the admin console using your local web browser on the remote hub.

e.g., http://<remote_hub_hostname>/adminconsoleapp

Access/Performance check:

Using the admin console app, test accessing a few probes such as cdm, processes . Then if present, test opening up the snmpcollector probe to see how long it takes to open up the configuration.