How to install a Published Solution or PTF for the CA Endevor SCM Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE) interface.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Installing a CA Endevor SCM Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE) Published
olution or PTF requires not only performing the SMP/E Receive and Apply steps but
also loading the updated EINE Natural objects to the Natural system that executes EINE.



Use the following instructions to install a published solution for EINE:

  1. Download the EINE published solution using either CA Chorus / MSM or download the solution from CA Support Online. If you are unfamiliar with how to download published solutions, contact your local CA Support center for assistance.
  2. Once the published solution has been Received and Applied, a new NATLOAD member and possibly updated EINE Adabas file definitions members, ADA125 and ADA126, will be loaded to the CEW8SAGL library. Additionally, members in the CEW8JCL library may also have been updated. Review the output from the Apply step to determine all members that were updated. If there is any ++HOLDDATA included in the PTF, review it for additional information about what was updated and for any additional installation instructions.
  3. Before loading the updated NATLOAD member to your Natural system, review the EINE library you are going to load the update to and make a copy of all the objects that have been customized or updated. Specifically, check the NAT*, NDV*, and UEXIT* objects.
  4. Delete all the Natural objects in the EINE library the update is to be loaded to.
  5. Locate and modify the LOADNAT job in the CEW8JCL library. If you are planning to load the update to a test EINE library, review the LOADNAT job and specify the appropriate NEWLIBRARY option in the NATLOAD or SYSOBJH LOAD command.
  6. Run the LOADNAT job and verify that the EINE Natural objects and SYSERR error messages were successfully loaded to the appropriate Natural EINE library.
  7. Using the saved NAT*, NDV* and UEXIT* objects from step 3 as models, update the newly loaded NAT*, NDV* and UEXIT* objects.
  8. Review UEXIT00 for any new configuration variables or variable options.
  9. If one or both of the EINE ADABAS file definition members, ADA125 or ADA126, were updated in the CEW8SAGL library by the PTF, review the ++HOLDDATA for additional information on what changed and steps required to update the EINE Adabas file.
  10. If the EINE Server job CASCMMN1 was updated, review the ++HOLDDATA for additional information on what changed and update your EINE Server jobs accordingly.
  11. If any of the Processors (PNAT* or PPRD*) were updated, review the ++HOLDDATA for additional information on what changed to determine if the modifications are applicable to your implementation and make modifications as needed.