how to increase the folder count value in grid view

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Last Modified Date : 18/01/2019
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When the available branding is set to the CA_Technologies_R7_Full_Screen there are only five folders showing .  You can increase the folders which are showed there via "customization" within catalog's customization's framework 
How to do customization to increase the folders which can be displayed in catalog UI with Grid View layout  ? 
ITSM service catalog 12.9, 14.1 , 17.1 
Procedure to increase the folder count value ( Assume, you want to increase  the value from 5 to 8) : 

1) on catalog server ,  go to view  USM_HOME\view\webapps\usm\explorer\request\ folder ,  locate the default   'Catalogbrowse.xsl' file .

2) copy  this default file into  'USM_HOME\filestore\custom\explorer\request\' folder 

3)  then modify  'Catalogbrowse.xsl' file  in 'USM_HOME\filestore\custom\explorer\request\' folder as the following :

   1.  Change the value of the variables  'noOfFoldersPerPage' and 'group-size' from 5 to 8. 
   2.  Change the value of 'servicesPaneWidth' from 766 to 1225. 
   3.  Save it .

4)  locate main.css file at 'USM_HOME\filestore\themes\CA_Technologies_R7_Full_Screen\css\ ' folder 
     1.  make a backup copy of this original  main.css file first 
     2.   modify  main.css file  with the computed value of (1225) for 'folderscarousel,.folderscarousel ' class  :
              search the following string :
              change its width value from 766px to 1225px 
     3.  save it .
 5) Stop the catalog service 
 6)  Go to 'USM_HOME\view\translets\' folder  ,   delete all the files under that folder 

 7)  Restart catalog service   
 8)   Clear   browser cache completely .