How to improve the Startup performance of CA Process Automation on Linux servers.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have noticed in some Linux environments that the Process Automation Orchestrator can take a very long time to startup, from 10 to 20 plus minutes

A review of the boot.log reveals that the server boot up takes longest time at the line with log "INFO [StartUpInterceptor]".

The following example shows an almost 10 minute delay in the startup process which resulted in the startup of the Orchestrator taking close to 20 minutes:

09:08:08,536 INFO  [StartUpInterceptor] Adjusting configuration
09:08:08,536 INFO  [StartUpInterceptor] JInvoke will not be loaded; only done on compatible 32-bit JVMs and only used for a couple of connectors
09:19:01,129 DEBUG [StartUpInterceptorInvoker] Started c2o.system:service=StartUPInterceptor
09:19:01,131 DEBUG [ServiceCreator] About to create bean: c2o.system:service=SystemPropertiesInitializer with code: com.optinuity.c2o.jboss.SystemPropertiesInitializer


How can we improve the startup and overall performance of Linux based Process Automation install?


This is due to Linux using /dev/random blocking pseudorandom number generator a "blocking" number generator meaning if it doesn't have enough random data to provide, it will simply wait until it does.

Here's some background on /dev/random

Here is the link for reference on the specific issue we see during the startup of the Orchestrator.

The solution is to do change to use the urandom instead of random using the following steps:

(1) Backup <<PAM_INSTALLATION_LOCATION>>/server/c2o/

(2) Edit <<PAM_INSTALLATION_LOCATION>>/server/c2o/, look for"US"" and add"file:/dev/./urandom" \ just above the .country line.

(3) Backup <<PAM_INSTALLATION_LOCATION>>/activemq/bin/

(4) Edit <<PAM_INSTALLATION_LOCATION>>/activemq/bin/ and look for -Dc2oHome=\"${C2OHOME}\" \ and add"file:/dev/./urandom" \ just above the .Dc2oHome line.

There are three places in the file where this line will need to be added.



Additional Information:

Please note, this change should be discussed with the Server Administrators prior to being made as under some circumstances /urandom/ is less secure than /random/