How to improve overall performance of VAIM

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Last Modified Date : 01/06/2018
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  • The default installation of VAIM includes components for Performance Data Collection of SystemEDGE hosts as well as integration with the SystemEDGE AIMs for polling\monitoring of supported third party platforms.
  • The above operations introduce overhead (increased CPU\memory utilization) on the server which may result in slower responses within the VAIM UI.
  • Customers who are not leveraging the above features and are only using VAIM to deploy SystemEDGE hosts and deliver Policy\Templates can disable these functions to gain performance.
Disable Non Essential Web Service Handlers

1.  Stop VAIM Services (ActiveMQ, CA SM Domain, CA SM Distribution, CA Key Performance Database, CAIAPApache, CAAIPTomcat)
2.  Navigate to C:\CA\VirtualAssurance\WebServicesHandlers folder and create a new folder called "Disabled"
3.  Move the following conf files into the folder
  • ADESPMM.conf
  • CAAIPCollectionEngine.conf
  • CAAIPHelpDesk.conf
  • CADPMHypervPMM.conf
  • GALAXPMM.conf LparPMM.conf
  • RMPMM.conf
  • UCSPMM.conf
  • VCPMM.conf
  • XenPMM.conf
  • ZonePMM.conf
The combination of files you can disable will vary depending on usage, please contact support if you have any doubts. 
DO NOT remove any files not listed here as this may break core VAIM functionality.

4.  Remove disabled Web Service Handlers from the VAIM Service Control Manager:
  • Navigate to C:\CA\VirtualAssurance\bin
  • run caaipsecurity.exe setcurrentsession
  • run caaipscutil /all > services.log
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  • check the services.log located under C:\CA\VirtualAssurance\bin folder for all services that return status: down 
Registration detail for Service ID:    caserm
On specified/default host:        flabr02-E6417
Name:        CA Integration to Remote Monitoring
Version:    12.9 (
UUID:        0f18215a-63e1-488e-a30d-259f95f25897
IP Address:    
Service URL:    https://flabr02-E6417:443/aip/caserm
WSDL Location:    https://localhost:8443/dpm/caserm.wsdl
Port:        443
Service ID:    caserm
On host:    flabr02-E6417
Status:        Down
Uptime:        0 day(s)  0 hour(s)  0 min  0 sec
Last update:    4/25/2018 15:32 (UTC-04:00)
  • Remove the downed service by running caaipscutil /deregister /id=<idofservice>
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Decrease VAIM SystemEDGE agent polling to the maximum value

1. Navigate to D:\CA\VirtualAssurance\conf\caaipconf.cfg
2. Set the below 3 values to 43,200 (This is 12 hours which is the maximum allowed value the application will accept)
  • Under <product name="CASESY">  CONFIG_KEY_POLL_INTERVAL 43,200
Increase CAAIPApache thread count to improve the web servers ability to process more workflow operations concurrently

1.  Navigate to D:\CA\VirtualAssurance\apache\conf\httpd.conf
2.  Set ThreadsPerChild=240

Apache always tries to maintain a pool of spare or idle server threads, which stand ready to serve incoming requests. In this way, clients do not need to wait for a new threads or processes to be created before their requests can be served.

Increase overall responsiveness of the VAIM UI when navigating Policies and Templates:

1.  Navigate to C:\ProgramData\CA\SM\domainserver\User Defined Profiles\SystemEDGE folder and create a new folder called "Versions"
2.  Within the new Versions folder create two additional folders named "policies" and "templates"

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3.  Navigate to C:\ProgramData\CA\SM\domainserver\User Defined Profiles\SystemEDGE\policies folder
4.  Identify all versions of a given policy that end with a number and cut and paste them into the appropriate backup folder created in step 2 leaving only the version that is NOT numbered.

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5.  Repeat the same steps for the C:\ProgramData\CA\SM\domainserver\User Defined Profiles\SystemEDGE\templates folder.

VAIM will parse and load all versioned instances of the Policies and Templates from the above folders which can introduce delayed load times if these folders have many files.  Pairing down this folder to contain only the most current version can have a dramatic impact on performance.

6.  Once all changes are made restart all VAIM Services or Reboot Server (recommended)