How to import Users and Groups into CAWA DE server?

Document ID : KB000011099
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There is no a command in the imexutil utility to import Users and Groups into CAWA DE server.


How to import users and groups into CAWA DE server?


Users and Groups importing is disabled by the product design to avoid security inconsistency.

However, these artifacts can be loaded into DE server as described below:

On DE targeted server:

  • Make a backup of the 'DBInit' folder. This folder is located in <installdir>/Resources/DBInit.
  • Remove all folders in the 'DBInit' except the 'Config'.
  • Create two new folders: 'User' and 'Group'.
  • Put exported user and group files into the new folders User and Group respectively.
  • Ensure you rename all of the exported files with the .xml extension.
  • To ensure that the 'DBInit' folder is read by DE server during the startup, create an empty file and name it 'populate' - place this file in the 'DBInit' folder.

Restart targeted DE Server

  • Restart DE server and check the tracelog file to ensure that the log recorded the "populate" messages.
  • Log on and check the Admin/Security perspective - the users and the groups should be shown.