How to import a BIAR file using command line in SiteMinder R12 Report Server?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Import a BIAR file in order to install the SiteMinder Report Server R12 SP1 on Solaris NOTE: documentation states the following:

"Important! The Import Wizard is only available on a Windows installation of the Report Server. If you are running the Report Server on UNIX, install a second instance of the Report Server on Windows. During the import process, select the CMS Service used by the Unix Report Server."

Required a work-around to avoid installing second instance on Windows


It is possible to import a BIAR file using command line.

The procedure is shown below:

  1. Login as the report server user.

  2. Go to the following directory:


  3. Execute the following command:

    <ReporServerHomeDir> /CommonReporting/bobje/jdk/bin/java -jar InstallEntSdkWrapper.jar <cmsname:6400> <administrator> <password> secEnterprise <BIARFile>

    For instance:

    /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CommonReporting/bobje/jdk/bin/java -jar InstallEntSdkWrapper.jar "saturn:6400" Administrator Password1 secEnterprise /space/r12s1c02/software/wamui/siteminder-reports-oracle.biar


    $ /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CommonReporting/bobje/jdk/bin/java -jar InstallEntSdkWrapper.jar "saturn:6400" Administrator Password1 secEnterprise /space/r12s1c02/software/wamui/siteminder-reports-oracle.biar
    [InstallEntSdkWrapper.main] Connecting to CMS saturn:6400 as Administrator
    [InstallEntSdkWrapper.main] BIAR File Imported successfully