How to have CA Open Space localized for End Users

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The CA Open Space installation does not allow a Language to be selected, and thus it is installed in English.

A user willing to use other locale - Brazilian Portuguese, for example - needs to set it as his "user preferences".

This document explains how to set a default locale during Open Space installation and have all users automatically using it.


Important: The steps described in this document must be issued during CA Open Space installation.

First of all, proceed with the CA Open Space installation as indicated in the CA Open Space Implementation Guide.

Before running the steps related to Onboarding Tenants, you should define the following settings:

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\CA\Open Space\OSOP.

  2. Using Notepad, create a file named

  3. Add here the user locale and timezone (according to your needs) and save:

  4. Edit file and search for "#supported" section:
    # supportedlocales=de_DE,es_ES,fr_FR,it_IT,ja_JP,pt_BR,pt_PT,zh_CN,en_US

  5. Change "locales" as follows, and add entry "time.zones" with the timezones valid for your installation and save:
    # supported locale#locales=de_DE,es_ES,fr_FR,it_IT,ja_JP,pt_BR,pt_PT,zh_CN,\America/New_York,\America/Sao_Paulo,\UTC

  6. Additional examples of valid timezones can be found in the following link:
    Liferay Wiki: Configure time zones and locale

  7. In the Windows Services panel, recycle OpenSpace services:

    Figure 1
    figure 1

  8. Now, proceed with the Onboarding steps. You will still see the interface using the English settings.

  9. Create the new Company (or Tenant) and a user, as per the Implementation Guide instructions.

  10. Click Display Settings for the new user:

    Figure 2
    figure 2

    Note the Language and the Timezones available are the ones previously set.

    Figure 3
    figure 3

    The greeting message is already translated:

    Figure 4

  11. Logon to OpenSpace as the new created user and verify the interface appears with the locale configured:

    Figure 5
    figure 4


It is best practice to set your required "" and "" before you first run Liferay so that the defaults are setup correctly. Otherwise some things are stored in the database and can't be changed without database manipulation.