How to handle when getting the CA Roscoe message : ROS750E: SAVAWS NOT CREATED FOR USER userid

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Where to look and what to do when a user gets the error message : ROS750E: SAVAWS NOT CREATED FOR USER user


These are possible causes of this message:

  1. The user needs to clean out their Roscoe library

  2. User has reached the maximum number of lines they can save.

  3. User was trying to import something that is just too large.

  4. ROSLIBS may be full or fragmented.

  5. The AWS files are not large enough


  1. Check with the user(s) which members can be deleted.  After unused members are deleted, the user must do a LIB A + and then signoff and signon again to update the incore linecounter.
  2. Increase the MAXREC limit in the user's profile in UPS.  RECVRAWS=(ON,NOMAXLIB) in startup parms would be an option, if there are other users also close to their MAXREC limit, when RECVRAWS=NO is specified.
  3. Run the ROSTAT program to check if there is any space problem in the ROSCOE libraries. To eliminated the fragmented ROSLIBS you should do a backup/restore.
  4. Need to increase the size of this AWS files (cannot do this for a single user - will affect all aws's.) 
  5. Also run the UPSLIST utility to get a better picture of what may be causing this for a particular user only.
  6. In case the MAXREC values are increased for many users, the space allocation for the AWS files must be checked and increased if necessary. When increasing the Roscoe MAXREC values to allow more lines in their SAVAWS files, you will need to add a ROSLIBS, or increase the size of the current defined ROSLIBS.