How to handle partial files created in CA Spool when output limits are exceeded?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Files created under out of limit exceeded conditions normally contains incomplete data and they should be purged automatically from CA Spool.


To setup automatic purge processing for those partial files follow these steps:

  • Using the OUTLIM= global parameter specify the default output limit for any file created in CA Spool.
  • Add global parameter XEQOPT=1 and specify a USERPARM= parameter in the NODE statement.
  • Proceed to perform a WARM restart of the CA Spool main task for all these changes to become into effect.

Additional Information:

When the output limit has been exceeded a partial file is created. OUTLIM= can also be specified in the NODE statement but the value can not be larger than the global parameter. XEQOPT=1 will then change the file destination, form, FCB and class. This is performed as specified in the USERPARM= parameter in the NODE statement. The actual routing of the partial file can be implemented using the following USERPARM= sample:


Upon file routing to NODE DUMMY, form STD, FCB 6 and class A the automatic purge processing is then implemented via the DUMMY print driver.

Use the following sample definition to perform the actual purge of the partial file: